Wednesday, 22 December 2010


No pictures today, it's not that I haven't been doing much, but I've been working on a crochet piece to do in the car and don't have much more progress on the family tree sampler.  I stopped to do a couple of decorations, but forgot to take pics.

Drive safely wherever you may be and hope the weather lets you get there safely.

Merry Christmas......


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Getting closer....

I've not done very much on the sampler.  I was a square out, which meant a whole nights work down the drain, but back on track now. (fingers crossed).

However, in the last couple of weeks, I've re-arranged my sewing space.  It's not a big room and there was a bed here, but it's gone into the shed.  The TV cabinet fits in a treat & is very handy.  The little fabric boxes fit perfectly at the bottom with space for bigger items above.  The little sewing machine (much used & loved) was mine as a child as is about 45 years old, but not in perfect condition.  The drawers were in a bedroom, but are more suited to my fabric stash (at last a better place to store it).  Finally, I've inherited some other fabrics & baby wool from my late MIL, as well as some wonderful buttons.  They will all  be treasured & then put to good use.

And the heading, well we're 10 sleeps away from Christmas.  We're off on the road this year, so if you like us are driving do take care on the roads.  Don't stress about what you can't control, just leave a bit earlier to get there.

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Family Tree X-stitch from the World of Cross Stitching issues 127 & 128
 It's been a week since I was last on here, so thought it's about time for an update.  Here is the chart I'm using for my Family Tree Cross Stitch.   I must admit I don't have much done so far.  I'm using 32 count linen with DMC threads.  I was one square out & had to unpick the 'love' part - so frustrating, but it all matches now (thank goodness).

Here's where I'm up to

Cushion creation
The above cushion was created as a gift for someone who likes red & yellow (obviously).  The back is the same fabric as the outside border & I put in a zip to make washing etc easier.  Finished it last night, so it's off in the post today - almost forgot to take a photo before it went.  I hope they like it - wpn't know that until the 25th.

Wow - it's only 18 more sleeps to the jolly red man arrives.  This year has gone by so quickly, that I sometimes don't think I achieved a lot - although when I look at my completed list, I must have....

Our weather is somewhat sticky, & not a lot of rain unlike other parts of Australia.  My sympathy to those who can't go home, have lost stock, crops & a livelihood - I hope your lot improves.

On a brighter note....enjoy your festive season planning and drive safely wherever you are.

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Lion is complete.....

Samburu - by Jenny McWhinney
It's done - happy dance - and I'm really pleased with it.  Now I need to back it and turn it into a wall hanging.  I've found some very nice light brown cord fabric and some dark brown crushed velvet I plan on using for the binding.  Add a pocket to the back & then I can hang it up.

4 months of work, on and off, to get this finished.  Now I've just started on my family tree cross stitch, which once there are more then a couple of dozen stitches, I'll post a photo.

Tomorrow is December 1, so there are 25 sleeps left to Christmas.....not long now, but I'm almost ready, but have an item to get done for youngest daughter, so I'd better get cracking.....

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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Finished........and WIP....

I've finally finished a couple of things that have been clogging up my lounge.

Humbug front

Humbug Bottom
Humbug back

This little Humbug design was a freebie from from their freebie pattern collection.  I did make a mistake in the chart when doing the Algerian Eyelets, but as they are at the back, it's not that obvious (unless you look at the chart).

It was an enjoyable stitch, and next time I'll follow the chart lol. 

This rug was another freebie design, but was started so long ago, I have no idea where I found the pattern.  However, I did make it bigger and use some oddments of acrylic yarn I had.  We were away from home, so I wanted something that I could do without the need to concentrate.  I think it looks quite good across the back of the lounge.

Now to the Lion....

The lion is progressing quite well.  My aim is to finish it completely well before Christmas (only 32 sleeps - can you believe it) and I'm confident I'll make it.   I want to start a family tree cross stitch before then, so I must get this finished.  Some people think it looks way too neat, but once it's finished I'll add some scars & stray hairs etc, so watch this space.........

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Thursday, 18 November 2010

More show results......

 Our second local show gave the above piece a first prize, plus my first ever blue ribbon. It's called Wrens & Grevillea by Semco.
 I entered this piece in the second show as the jacket from the first show had gone to it's new home.

So, overall for this one was a first and a second.  The A3 quilt challenge got the second prize in this show as well.  Not bad for my own creation.

Christmas is now just over 5 weeks away.  I'm pleased to say my shopping is almost done (I don't like leaving things to the last minute), so I can sit back and relax a bit & finish the Lion off, re-arrange my sewing room and plan my next major stitch.

Thanks for stopping by....


Sunday, 7 November 2010


It's almost 2 weeks since I last posted.  A sad time for the family with the passing of a close family member.  However, the house is returning to normal now everyone has gone home.

During the 2 weeks, I completed Shaun the Sheep (from the free pattern from PurpleLindaCrafts), as there were times when I needed to occupy myself with something, when we weren't reminiscing or baking for afternnon tea for after the service.  Mind you I don't cook, but if I'd had a video camera.....well.
Anyway, I like Shaun.  The Lion hasn't had much done, but as we return to just the 2 of us at home, I will continue on working on him.
During the 2 weeks, we had our local show too.  My quilt challenge did well, placing with a second and the Borinia & Fringed Violets placed first, but the Willow pattern was unplaced.  The candlewicked cushion placed second as well, along with a first for a fine crocheted doily & a cross stitch on linen.  I had 4 pieces unplaced, but I was over the moon and it did brighten up a sad few days.....
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Friday, 22 October 2010

Still on the Lion.....

Work is progressing slowly - I had the worst Hay Fever last week & wasn't able to concentrate on doing this.  However, the tablets have now kicked in, and I can at least breathe easier.  The mane is slowly coming together - mainly because I found a great crochet pattern last week at of Shaun the Sheep.  A great free pattern too, which I just couldn't resist, so check it out.  I've done an ear so far & have started on the main body, so lots more to do.  Someone even asked me last week, 'what child is that for?'  Answer - 'Me'.  Don't know why people expect you to be making soft toys for a child - I'm going to enjoy my second childhood.....
Thanks for reading......

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Work in progress.....

These 2 came to visit, surprising since I told them off for trying to eat one of my Plum trees.  These amazing animals have eaten Hydrangea leaves, Crucifix Orchid leaves, Umbrella tree leaves & mangled a jade tree.  Everything has to have a wire guard around it, until it's big enough to not be affected if it gets eaten.

Here's an update picture of the Lion.  It's coming along nicely now that I've finished the head & am working on the mane.  There is still more tweaking to do on the face but that can be added once I've finished.  I'm hoping more mane will make the face look more in proportion....

Thanks for stopping by....

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Christmas sewing done.....

Finally - these 2 have literally been 'hanging around' for a few weeks now, so I'm glad they're finished.

 This one is for daughter no 2 - her favourite colour is purple.....
and this one is for daughter no 1 - her favourite colour is pink.

I didn't use a pattern as such, but the black& white/coloured strip was done from a jelly roll book called Strip Delight.   The 2 black & white fabrics & main colour are joined into strips of 3, then cut at 60 degrees to be joined in triangles, making a long strip of fabric.  The remainder of the bag is my work in adding the trim.  I just bought .2 metre of 2 black & white fabrics (which was enough for both bags), contrasting lining of about 1 metre (each bag), and main fabric of about 1.2 metres (each bag).  I used iron-on interfacing for the handles & added some plastic for the bottom of the bag (the stuff you use to create quiting designs), and then bought some ric-rac & fancy trim, and that's it.

Have a great week....

Friday, 8 October 2010

Work in Progress....

here's the progress on the Lion - there is still a lot to stitch, but I'm hoping to have the face and ear finished over the weekend.  I'd like to continue on the mane too, but will have to see how tired I am.  It's been a hectic week at work, so not much progress has been made.

Almost finished machine sewing the last of the Christmas to come when they're done.

I just had to edit this post and add in a picture of my beautiful Lorraine Lee climbing rose.  They really do look great with a very faint smell.
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Sunday, 3 October 2010


Boronia & Fringed Violets's finished, including the crocheted edge.  I made a change to the edge instructions supplied by DMC, and think this one looks nicer.  It's all pressed, now just to wrap it for Christmas (bit too soon yet though).

Boronia & Fringed violets - close up

Samburu - Lion by Jenny McWhinney

Well now I can get back to completing the Lion's head, which I'm doing as a wall hanging.  We did the class at the end of July and now I can get stuck in as I've finished the Christmas present stitching.  I'm pretty pleased with it so far, but am looking forward to getting this one finished too.
Thanks for stopping by.....

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Roses & Candlewicking

Lorraine Lee Climbing Rose

This rose was picked last night.  The first one that's come out on my new climbing rose, but there are another 6 buds.  The weather hasn't been the nicest, so thought I'd bring it in for my desk.  The stem is very short, so had to find a very tiny vase.  It has a very slight perfume, but very pretty.  My Chocolate Mint is also growing quite well (I managed to kill the last plant & copped some flack and a disbelieving "how could that happen") as is the Thyme.  I don't really have any green fingers, but more hope the plant can get itself established & then survive.

Candlewicking cushion with quilted borders

The cushion above was an experiment in candlewicking.  In might have looked better in just one colour, but it's functional.  A couple of months ago when I was assembling the cushion with its zip, I somehow put the needle through my finger.  I bought a new machine about a year ago & haven't quite got to grips with the zipper foot (and I may never now).  Luckily the needle bounced off the nail & just went through the fleshy side of the finger by the nail.  On the plus side, I did some free motion quilting in a multi coloured thread (before I hurt myself)  on the borders and ecru thread around the stitching.  At least a practice piece now has some sort of purpose.  I don't like leaving them in a drawer, might as well put them to good use.

Time to go and do some work :)

Monday, 27 September 2010


Weather is improving, but still a bit too cool & windy.  No pictures today, but getting closer on finishing the Boronia & Fringed Violets - can't wait now to get to the crocheted edge.
As the title says - Tired, but at least I'm happy.  I caught a nice Australian Salmon yesterday, which went down well for tea, so unfortunately no pictures.  Caught the fish by accident, as I wasn't even concentrating - but such a fight to bring in a medium size fish on tiny hooks with a light rod.
I've also been weeding in and around our large garden - now to get some mulch before the hot weather hits.
Cheers for now.....

Thursday, 23 September 2010


I think Spring is finally here - these 2 greeted me this morning as I had breakfast.  Winter has been so cold, we hadn't seen many animals for a while.  Of course, I took this from the safety of the dining room so they didn't hop away.

Here is the final end of the Boronia and Fringed Violets.  Just the Violets & stems to go, then the edge to crochet.

and here is the entire piece, which should look much nicer when it's finished, washed & pressed.

Until next time.....

Monday, 20 September 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Purple runner
Blue runner

How I'd like more time to create, but at last I'm getting the Christmas gifts done.  Finished the table runners & now for the embroidered doilies.  The table runners from a pattern called Jacobs Jazz, were fun to make.

Blue Willow runner

The Willow Pattern from Semco, done in Anchor threads is finally finished too leaving the Boronia & Fringed Violets by DMC to do.

Off to it...

Thursday, 16 September 2010


A3 Monochrome Quilt Challenge
Lots of people share their craft and are very creative, generating their own patterns and designs.  Unfortunately, that's not me - well not just yet anyway.
I do want to share a quilt challenge, where the idea and layout are my own work, but using some published material for elements.  The book 'Cross Stitch Alphabets' was used for the lettering.
The challenge given to us, was to create an A3 quilt using just one colour, but various shades.  I'm a big fan of anything blue, so that one was a no-brainer.
We'll see what the show judges think in a few weeks!