Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Roses & Candlewicking

Lorraine Lee Climbing Rose

This rose was picked last night.  The first one that's come out on my new climbing rose, but there are another 6 buds.  The weather hasn't been the nicest, so thought I'd bring it in for my desk.  The stem is very short, so had to find a very tiny vase.  It has a very slight perfume, but very pretty.  My Chocolate Mint is also growing quite well (I managed to kill the last plant & copped some flack and a disbelieving "how could that happen") as is the Thyme.  I don't really have any green fingers, but more hope the plant can get itself established & then survive.

Candlewicking cushion with quilted borders

The cushion above was an experiment in candlewicking.  In might have looked better in just one colour, but it's functional.  A couple of months ago when I was assembling the cushion with its zip, I somehow put the needle through my finger.  I bought a new machine about a year ago & haven't quite got to grips with the zipper foot (and I may never now).  Luckily the needle bounced off the nail & just went through the fleshy side of the finger by the nail.  On the plus side, I did some free motion quilting in a multi coloured thread (before I hurt myself)  on the borders and ecru thread around the stitching.  At least a practice piece now has some sort of purpose.  I don't like leaving them in a drawer, might as well put them to good use.

Time to go and do some work :)

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