Monday, 30 May 2011

Would you believe it.........

In my last post I was preparing for the dentist.  That appointment was post poned because the dentist didn't get here until after my appointment, so I'm off to see him today.  (I know this because the flight has just gone over).

I was hoping to post pictures of my craft stand AND my wool - said wool has still not arrived & I get really anxious waiting for things in the post (I thought it should have been here last Friday).

So, at least I can show you the craft stand.....
I've attached the clip on magnifier (and the white thing is it's cover - just in case the sun gets on it).  Works very well & I've resumed working on the Family Tree cross stitch.  The stand was fun to put together - probably should have videod it - haha. 

Queen Anne's Lace

The little scarf above is Queen Annes Lace - I spotted this on A Spoonful of Sugar ( and just had to get the instructions.  I've done another one since - just nice little neck warmers without looking like the Michelin Man (or should that be woman) with a big clunky scarf.   This Scarf was done in Bendigo wool Rustic 8ply with a 4mm hook - matches my recent cardigan.  I think when I do my next cardigan, I'll do one of these to match - be a nice touch - that is when my wool gets here.

Wish me luck for today at the dentist..........

Enjoy your week.....


Monday, 16 May 2011

yet more crochet.........

Multi colour 3 ply

Little red riding hood - in 3 ply

8 ply blanket
Have to admit it, I've been enjoying creating these little jackets & boots.  The jacket & hat pattern is from book 3 called Layettes, by Ruth Layfon Blythe & the boots from a Craft Moods publication, available from crochet Australia.  All are done in 3 ply.  Now the hat is a hybrid of the book pattern, because I thought that some shaping in the back would look better & hopefully fit better.  The rug is in 8 ply acrylic & modified from a design in Crochet! mazagine.  The red wool has been around since the 1980's and finally crocheted up and was in the inherited baby yarn.

I've been wanting to buy a floor frame for a while now, so finally took the plunge, and from the Fox Collection ordered a frame to put my larger cross stitch frames into.  Can't wait for it to get here & then I may get back to the Family tree cross stitch.

So, not looking forward to today - off to the dentist for some more work on the teeth (yuk).

Have a great week

~ Karen ~

Monday, 2 May 2011

Another finish.........

Before I go any further, I didn't watch 'the wedding'.  Not because I dislike royalty, romance or anything else, but I objected to having very little option by the television channels of what I could watch on a Friday night.  Having said that, I do wish them well & hope the press now leave them alone to get on with it.

So, instead of watching TV on Friday night, I made up my new crochet hook holder.  I bought a set in a vinyl case in the 1970's & have bought other odd hooks since & the case was looking very sad.  I do have another full set I inherited form my mother, but that case is in much better shape.   At Christmas I got a new fat quarter of Kermit (I love frogs & the Muppets), so here it is......
Crochet hook holder-outside
Crochet hook holder-inside
I made the openings for the smaller hooks a bit narrower and depending on how many hooks of each size I currently have made the openings for the larger hooks wider.  I have seen some similar rolls for pencils & the like & you can buy crochet hook holders (but I think they only hold one of each hook), but this is my version to suit my needs.  If your interested in the measurements etc, leave me a comment & I'll create some notes on how it was done.

Have a great week..........

~ Karen ~