Tuesday, 13 December 2011

very close now......

12 sleeps left.......hope you're all organised.  Me - I'm still trying to write cards (bit late I know), & I just got the overseas cards posted yesterday (hope they make it).  Suddenly an organised person (me) is just wondering how I got so far behind?????

 Here is our front garden - looking very dry at present, but the magpies just love the arch & bird bath (as well as the Agapanthus).  The climber on the arch is a clematis - it's been growing like mad, but no flowers as yet.
And some frog items my sister sent me - the shower cap looks wonderful on ( and no, there are no pictures of me wearing it lol) - she just spoils me. 

On the craft front - 2 pairs of bootees finished and posted off for my new great nephew, then to start on a little cardigan. (all crocheted of course - I can't imagine trying to knit wool that thin lol)
finishing off some Christmas things (now you can see why I'm panicking - so pictures to follow).

6 more working days for me & then 4 1/2 weeks off (yipee - I'm so tired - I haven't had more than a couple of days off since last year (and I can't remember how many days off I had then).

Hope your planning is ...well going to plan.....take care wherever you are & drive safely. 


Monday, 28 November 2011

what's new.....

Well - there's 27 sleeps to Christmas (sorry if you're not organised yet).........bit more shopping to do & then wrapping.  Why are men so hard to buy for (and I don't like buying the usual undies & socks either)....anyway it will work itself out I guess.

I'm working on a bolero in cotton (and white cotton at that) ...but pics of that next time when it's finished (back is done already).
young magpie

I can't quite believe the cheek of this young magpie......it's sitting on top of an Agapanthus flower (ball like flowers on long stalks).  These flowers look colourful in the front garden, when everything is gradually dying off - there's not much for the wildlife to eat now.

I'll try to do antoher post when I have some sewing to show.....thank you for your comments - they do make my day.  Thanks also for reading my ramblings....

til next time

Monday, 14 November 2011

show results.....

Hello again....time definately flies...41 sleeps to Christmas (just in case someone else hadn't mentioned it) and the weather is certainly warming up (in the southern hemisphere anyway).

So, the past couple of weeks have been quite busy.  We travelled to Adelaide for the craft & quilt fair...some lovely quilts but no photos (sign said photography was not allowed), and have increased my stash, but everything will be put to good use (eventually lol)

Hardanger doily on 28 count from the book Award Winning Designs in Hardanger 2010
Both our local shows have been held & my hardanger doily won a 1st along with a few other things in the first show, so put another piece of hardanger in for the second show and that won a second.  

I did read that handmade is 'back in fashion' - I wonder why it ever went away.  It would be nice if the number of entries increased but I wonder how we get people interested in sewing, embroidery, crochet & the like?  Some groups run during the day (which is OK if you don't work), but how do you get younger ones interested when they maybe studying or have young children???  Then probably the cost of materials may also be out of their budget.....maybe at the shows we need a place for demonstrations of crafts...or leave some flyers with some names to contact if they want to learn.  I just think in maybe 30 years time some of these crafts may all but die out in some communities.....Sad really

Not much else for now........thanks for reading...


Monday, 24 October 2011

an update and a win.....

Apologies - life just gets in the way of posting, but I'm over the moon at present.  I was having one of those weeks where nothing would go right and then Jenny of Elefantz (http://www.elefantz.com/) had a giveaway after reaching 1500 followers.  I love her work and she has inspired me to draw some of my own favourite things ready for stitching, then I was picked as the Australian winner - I still can't quite believe it.  Anyway a big thank you and thank you to Katherine for alerting me to the win as well - I'm not on here that often on weekends.

Butterfly on 28 count from Awaard Winning Designs in Hardanger 2010
I've finally finished the Hardanger - was quite a nice design and now it's ready for our local show.  Done on 28 count jobelin in no8 & 12 blue & white thread.

Completed blanket from 63 Sampler Squares to Crochet
The blanket is also finally finished.  I should have tidied up each square before I joined them together - don't know what I was thinking (I obviously wasn't) and it's taken most of the weekend to end the threads off, but it's done.  It's also extremely heavy as it's all pure wool (now I know why I also do these rugs in acrylic lol). 

so what to do now....?  I'm one of these peiople who doesn't have 2 many projects on the go - I'm not a fan of UFO's or PHD's (Projects half done), although I can hear the stumpwork calling me again....(lovely design but I'm just not keen on working in silk thread that's thinner than human hair)...maybe I'll get it back out......

Anyway wherever you are - have a happy week and thanks for reading....

~ Karen ~

Friday, 7 October 2011

back again.......

Just a quick post today and then I want to get to my favourite blogs in the next day or so.

49 of the 63 Sampler squares
The rug above is complete as far as the squares go....I'm only doing 49 of the squares as there were a few I couldn't get to work & some I wasn't all that keen on.  This project has been a great way to use up some of this wool from my stash, which has been around close to 25 years, as well as a good one for the car (obviously not when I'm driving lol).  So now, to do a row of cream around each square, join together & then do the edge.  This picture actually shows the rug from the side.  If you come across this book - it's well worth a look - I posted about it when I started the squares a couple of posts ago.

3 weeks to our local show, so I will post before with my entries (assuming I get one of them finished).

Hope all is well in your week....

~ Karen ~

Friday, 16 September 2011

it's my blogiversary......

One year ago today I started this little craft blog and my ramblings.  A couple of times I've almost not continued doing this, but the comments always make my day and let me share others creative journeys.  So do make a comment, then I can check out your blog :) (I must confess I don't often comment either - but must make an effort too)

No pictures today, but I'm please to say some things are moving along again - the family tree cross stitch has had some names added and a bit more work done (although I must confess the tree in green is starting to really annoy me - it's taking far too long and there's so much of it).  My hardanger piece is getting closer to completion and the crochet sampler rug now has about 20 squares done.

Our local show isn't far away either and nor is summer and holidays.  I'm planning on a 4 1/2 week break (including public holidays) to have a good rest & get some things finished off.  I think I'm going to have to hand quilt the hexagons (I'd much rather machine quilt it - but my local advice has been to hand quilt) - a job I'm not really looking forward to - but once I get started it may grow on me lol.

enjoy your weekend & thanks for reading

~ Karen ~

Monday, 5 September 2011

I've not been back on here because I've been busy........

Warning: - picture heavy

Sorry for the long title, but I have been quite productive.....

The runner in white & beige above is for a Christmas gift.  I tea dyed some lace butterflies and used some ecru lace. It's backed in white cotton fabric & the panels are done in 60 degree triangles (I found these in a strip quilt design & used the concept here).  The edging was done from a simple quilt stencil I'd bought - making this one fun quilting over paper.

Red & Yellow runner

 This runner is also a Christmas gift (that's 2 done) - based on a simple design I saw that used embroidery, where I've used some of my fabric stash at the ends instead.   
The hexagon quilt is ready for quilting.  I've never done one of these before either, so I'm doing this my way.  The hexagons have been appliqued to the backing fabric in white.  I'm still deciding on how I will quilt this, which is why I've started on the panel quilt below. 

panel cot quilt
The quilt above is a purchased cot panel, that I've started quilting.  I've never tried one of these before so here it is....It's quite good fun but just need to be careful to stay on the lines....
what I'm crocheting at the moment....
 This book came in a set of 3 from the "Fox Collection", so I'm using some of the wool stash.  Since I took this photo, I've finished 12 squares - 4 in each colour.  I'm trying to use pure wool oddments to make this a special blanket.  The designs are written in the US crochet terms (which can be a pain), but on the whole it's enjoyable.  I thought if I got cracking, I could get 3 done a night, meaning it would be completed in 3 weeks - however, I've decided against this plan as I have some other UFO's to do.....

Lately, I've been reading on some blogs about pictures of finished stitched items being copied & then the item created. I love a free pattern as much as anyone else & if I really like the design I'll buy it.  There's enough free stuff about to not have to 'borrow' someone elses work without asking.....just ask.

Well, that's my rave for now....waiting for my fruit trees to get some leaves, then I'll add another photo.....

Have a wonderful week.....


Thursday, 18 August 2011

I'm back.....well kind of......

You know the best of intentions....well....I have no real excuse for not being back on here....just got busy with work and was so tired....so a quick post today.....then maybe another in a day or two when I get some photos off the camera.

Thank you for your comments - I am indeed lucky to live on 5 acres, but it's a lot of work and I'm afraid I have no idea how to make jam (I'm barely housetrained & leave that to hubby - maybe he knows lol).  I am looking forward to when our native trees & shrubs get going & the house isn't sitting like a blob on the landscape....will try for some better photos for a later post....

I now have 9 trees in my 'orchard' - 3 pears, 2 apples, 3 plums and a fig.  As it's 2 weeks to spring, I've done all the planting I plan on doing this year and may add to the 'orchard' next year.  There's also been some more native euaclypts added to eventually give us some privacy.

'Winters Tale"
I'm still working on my main hardanger piece and am helping some local sewers with the 'winters tale' (see last blog post).  Here is my sample piece (in case they wanted to back out)....you may notice it's in my favourite colour of blue.  I thought this was a good design that would give the group something they can display at the end.....It's done on hardanger fabric in no 5 & no 8 perle.

On the crochet front, I'm working on my 3rd & final baby blanket in Panda 4ply baby lustre.  It's good having something to work on at lunch (gets my eyes away from the computer).  I think I read somewhere this yarn was being dis-continued, so I'm using some of the inherited stash as I don't think this yarn is soft enough for clothing (maybe that's just me, but a blanket should be ok).  (There are no grandchildren on the horizon, but building a stash for daughters & any of their friends)

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing - having a safe and happy week........

~ Karen ~ :)

Monday, 1 August 2011

at last the trees......

above are my fruit trees - 3 pears, 2 apples, a fig & 2 plums.  All have been mulched ready for the warmer weather.  It's a bit hard to tell what type of trees they are without leaves, but once they do have leaves, I'll post another photo.

What a busy couple of weeks....I didn't realise it had been so long since I'd been on here....

You may have noticed I changed the top picture.....I found some software from when I bought my scanner.  It  allows you to put photos together, so ta-dah - my own craft collage.  One downside - all the photos work better if they are either all portrait or landscape. 

Not a lot to speak of craft wise - a bit more work on the hardanger piece in the previous post, I've started the Winters Tale (http://kalina-kalinovivishivanki.blogspot.com/ - then search for 'winters tale').  It's a lovely little hardanger bell, perfect for the Christmas tree, although mine is blue & white.  Also finished a 4 ply blanket using previously used yarn (more from the inherited stash), but loads of threads to end off (yarn had been used already & was in small balls).  Now I've got another blanket in the same yarn (but un-used this time) just to have something on the go for my lunch break.....

We've had glorious weather, but 31 sleeps to spring officially....I'm so looking forward to more light morning & night & being able to get out in the garden after work.

I hope all is well in your corner of the world.....:)

til next time......Karen

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

and what about the trees.........

What trees you may ask - well I've been planting fruit trees - pears x 3, apples x 2 to add to my expanding 'orchard'.  I really was going to add some photos of the fruit trees, but guess next time - sorry :(

Instead, I've been working on a hardanger entry for our local show.....It's a bit hard to see the blue flowers on the needleweaving - and they took me a bit to work out.  No instructions, so with the aid of a magnifying glass I worked it out.  I'm pretty happy so far - just have to get all the cutting done without cutting a major thread.....so good so far...:)... at least everything meets up.  This is done on a 28 count Jobelin fabric...very nice to work on & seems crushproof too, so would use this fabric again for this or even cross-stitching.

Speaking of cross stitching, the family tree chart is slowly coming along, and I will get back to it....
Latest effort in Hardanger from the Award Winning Designs 2010 by Nordic Needle
 This doily has been done in a no 10 DMC ecru cotton.  I thought it would make another local show entry.  I might even do another couple for the daughters for Christmas......Quite a good pattern to follow although it is written in the US crochet language.

Doily in no 10 cotton from the book 'Old Fashioned Doilies" by Annies Attic
44 sleeps to spring - I can't wait - more light in the evening & morning, hopefully some warmer days.

Enough of the ramblings - have a wonderful week...


Friday, 8 July 2011

Another finish.......

Tri-Face Floral
I stitched the tri-face floral above last weekend....the design is from http://kincavelkrosses.wordpress.com/ and makes this cute scissor fob.  This is attached to a pair of brown handled scissors - it was either make a fob or stab myself looking for the scissors on a brown rug covering the couch......I've done this in the suggested colourway too.  It's a bit like a biscornu to put together and about as fiddly.....lol

Slowly making some progress on the family tree sampler and I've started a piece of hardanger....I just can't get back to the stumpwork piece (Butterfly Garland by Jan Kerton) - I think it's the butterflies on the silk gauze sewn with one strand of silk thread (I think I've got hairs thicker than this thread) - but maybe the warmer weather will inspire me to get back to it....

As of today, it's 56 sleeps to spring.....the cold and lack of light is getting to me.....but it's good weather to plant fruit trees.

enjoy your week.....


Monday, 27 June 2011

Hexagons, books & a flower frog.......

We'd been away for a few days and on my travels bought a couple of books, including the tatting book above.  The picture above is from the Aamzon site, where I would have to agree with all the reviews on this book.  I've been reading through it first & then will have a try.  I did buy a couple of crochet pattern books (a baby pattern book and one on old fashioned doilies) plus a 1970's Australian Book of Crochet - all absolute gems.

 Also bought the vase and frog above.  I started out in embroidery like everyone else - with one pair of scissors, then they just seem to multiply.  I'd seen on some other blogs collectors of flower frogs, but this one looked as though it would suit me perfectly and it was a find at $18.  The vase is in mint condition as is the internal frog and once it was washed just gleams and there are 8 smaller holes around the side & a central opening in the frog - so no more new scissors for me......well not for the moment anyway....
Finally to the hexagons.....I've done 20 for the top of a cot quilt.  The light background bears were done by my late mother in law - the rest of the fabric is also hers, except for the 4 bears on blue background.  I have 6 white hexagons to sew for the centre, then will sew it together & put it onto a white piece of homespun.  I've chosen a bright yellow for the backing & binding, then will decide how I want to quilt this up - I'm thinking of an all-over quilting across the hexagons (free motion style) rather than in the ditch.  Any thoughts????  Sorry for the picture quality, but I laid these out on my sewing table rather than bending to the floor......

I planted my apple trees on the weekend (a pink lady and a gala) and now just waiting on my peacharine and mariposa plum.  I'm looking forward to being able to pick my own fruit.....so hopefully these trees will setlle in nicely.....

Have a great week....


Thursday, 16 June 2011

latest finishes.......

2 posts in the one week.....amazing or what.....but I'm showing my finished cardigan & 4th scarf.
'Celeste' 8ply Bendigo wool

4th scarf
The cardigan is from Interweave Crochet Spring 2011 edition and the design is by Edie Eckmann.  The wool is Celeste from Bendigo Woollen Mills in Almond.  Again, I made the cardigan longer & the sleeves slightly longer too.  The scarf is what was left from the 3rd 200g ball - I still have 1 untouched 200g ball to go, but thankfully won't need it.  I hate running out of wool then the next order is probably going to be a different dye lot, so might be noticeable.

No further progress on the hexagons, but time permitting this weekend, some pictures should be up here next week (fingers crossed).

Only a few days left to the shortest winter day - I find the early nights & dark mornings become overwhelming after a while, so will be looking forward to getting some daylight back.

Do leave me a comment - it's nice to read your thoughts.  Hope you have a great few days.......


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

must post more often........

When I started this blog, I intended to post about once a week at the minimum.  You know the best laid plans....anyway, I have a new resolve to get on here & do this more often.

I survived the dentist (not sure about my wallet though) and 2 more visits to go.....

We just had our long weekend for the Queen's Birthday (and Volunteers day), so the extra day was welcome.  I was reading over at Katherine's blog (Katherine's creations - see the link on the side) and her efforts put me to shame.  I did however get the following done over the weekend:
  • dug another 2 fruit tree holes & prepared them with blood & bone & some fertiliser (our soil is very sandy).  Waiting now for my pear trees - a Beurre Bosc & a Williams.  I'd already done 4 other holes about 3 or 4 weeks ago for 2 apples, another plum and a peacharine - will add some pics of our 'orchard' when all 6 new trees are here
  • changed 23 doilies, meaning dusting, then washed all 23, pressed them & put them away.  Some of these I'd inherited and I figure why leave them in a cupboard, why not use them & enjoy them.  There are some finely crocheted doilies probably done by my great grandma, some embroidered items by my late mother - I love to see them out
  • sorted out the sewing room drawers of fabric & other items (quilting pins etc).  When I finished that I got some further fabric out to do some hexagons - will add a pic soon on that one I promise
  • pruned my hydrangea, planted a broken piece of a Monstera (hope it grows) and planted some annuals in a box planter for some colour
  • cleaned out the inside of the car ready for a bit of a trip away - cleaning this new car doesn't involve a vacuum cleaner as the floor isn't carpet (it's a ute), so what used to take about an hour with the old car, now takes about 15 minutes - bliss.

My wool arrived too - I get really irritated when the wool I wasn't in a rush for arrives, but the wool I really wanted was late - anyway it arrived a few days later & my cardigan is almost finished (started it last Thursday).  The wool is Bendigo's newest - an 85% wool, 10% alpaca and 5% silk called Celeste - crochets up a treat, so on the next post a pic of the cardigan.

I've also done 7 doilies in 4 ply cotton for my oldest daughter (somehow some of the others I'd done have disappeared ??) from 4 50g balls from the book 'doilies to crochet in 4 ply' from Crochet Australia.

Enjoy your week.....


Monday, 30 May 2011

Would you believe it.........

In my last post I was preparing for the dentist.  That appointment was post poned because the dentist didn't get here until after my appointment, so I'm off to see him today.  (I know this because the flight has just gone over).

I was hoping to post pictures of my craft stand AND my wool - said wool has still not arrived & I get really anxious waiting for things in the post (I thought it should have been here last Friday).

So, at least I can show you the craft stand.....
I've attached the clip on magnifier (and the white thing is it's cover - just in case the sun gets on it).  Works very well & I've resumed working on the Family Tree cross stitch.  The stand was fun to put together - probably should have videod it - haha. 

Queen Anne's Lace

The little scarf above is Queen Annes Lace - I spotted this on A Spoonful of Sugar (http://www.aspoonfulofsugardesigns.com/2011/05/queen-annes-lace.html) and just had to get the instructions.  I've done another one since - just nice little neck warmers without looking like the Michelin Man (or should that be woman) with a big clunky scarf.   This Scarf was done in Bendigo wool Rustic 8ply with a 4mm hook - matches my recent cardigan.  I think when I do my next cardigan, I'll do one of these to match - be a nice touch - that is when my wool gets here.

Wish me luck for today at the dentist..........

Enjoy your week.....


Monday, 16 May 2011

yet more crochet.........

Multi colour 3 ply

Little red riding hood - in 3 ply

8 ply blanket
Have to admit it, I've been enjoying creating these little jackets & boots.  The jacket & hat pattern is from book 3 called Layettes, by Ruth Layfon Blythe & the boots from a Craft Moods publication, available from crochet Australia.  All are done in 3 ply.  Now the hat is a hybrid of the book pattern, because I thought that some shaping in the back would look better & hopefully fit better.  The rug is in 8 ply acrylic & modified from a design in Crochet! mazagine.  The red wool has been around since the 1980's and finally crocheted up and was in the inherited baby yarn.

I've been wanting to buy a floor frame for a while now, so finally took the plunge, and from the Fox Collection ordered a frame to put my larger cross stitch frames into.  Can't wait for it to get here & then I may get back to the Family tree cross stitch.

So, not looking forward to today - off to the dentist for some more work on the teeth (yuk).

Have a great week

~ Karen ~

Monday, 2 May 2011

Another finish.........

Before I go any further, I didn't watch 'the wedding'.  Not because I dislike royalty, romance or anything else, but I objected to having very little option by the television channels of what I could watch on a Friday night.  Having said that, I do wish them well & hope the press now leave them alone to get on with it.

So, instead of watching TV on Friday night, I made up my new crochet hook holder.  I bought a set in a vinyl case in the 1970's & have bought other odd hooks since & the case was looking very sad.  I do have another full set I inherited form my mother, but that case is in much better shape.   At Christmas I got a new fat quarter of Kermit (I love frogs & the Muppets), so here it is......
Crochet hook holder-outside
Crochet hook holder-inside
I made the openings for the smaller hooks a bit narrower and depending on how many hooks of each size I currently have made the openings for the larger hooks wider.  I have seen some similar rolls for pencils & the like & you can buy crochet hook holders (but I think they only hold one of each hook), but this is my version to suit my needs.  If your interested in the measurements etc, leave me a comment & I'll create some notes on how it was done.

Have a great week..........

~ Karen ~

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Wow, it's over 2 weeks since I last put anything up here.  We had a great Easter, catching fish & going to different places, plus a houseful of 20 somethings who have too much energy lol.  The house is strangely quiet............

I was saddened to hear of the Gum Tree Designers going their own way, but that I guess means 5 blogs to look at.  Wonderful of them to share their BOM so we can continue :).

GUM Tree Designers - Block 3
I did this block in Cottage Garden Threads for the cat & the words.  Very nice threads to stitch with too - just need to save to buy some more lol.  A variegated DMC was used around the mat. 
Now to plan the remaining blocks & perhaps create some of my own...........

Hope your Easter was as good as ours.  Not forgetting ANZAC day - lest we forget.

Off to work.....and a short week too :) 

Enjoy your week


Monday, 11 April 2011

more crochet........

3 Ply white jacket with green variegated border.  From the 'Array of Layettes' book

3 ply variegated jacket with white edging - from 1980's Cleckheaton baby book

4 ply mittens - from a Sirdar leaflet
As you can see I've been doing some more crochet.  One pattern I tried was so hard, I undid it in favour of the white jacket at the top.  Besides, I'm thinking now simple does look better (and it's less irritating when the pattern doesn't work).  I much prefer jackets for babies on a yoke - no seams and because they don't really have shoulders, a yoke seems to sit nicer.  The mittens were a special request (first time I've tried this pattern) so these will go of in the post today.

Not a lot else is happening - just getting ready for Easter - a chance to have a few days off & a rest (11 sleeps - not that I'm counting though).

Have a good week!!

~ Karen~

Thursday, 31 March 2011

What made my week.......

No pictures today, but I've had a great week, albeit it tiring.  My job has been sooooo busy, but during the week a book order arrived that I'd been waiting on.  Ordered a few weeks back & 3 great books arrived (and all at good prices too) on the Battle of Fromelles, Stories from the survivors of the Thai-Burma Railway & Constructing Australia.  Can't wait to look at the Fromelles book - so much detail.

Then a towel rail arrived on the same day - not a big deal, but it was just like Christmas, with lots of new things.

And yesterday a thank you card arrived from one of the quilt owners, with a very nice thought to treat myself.  All I wanted was to just get her quilt put together & see her enjoy it.  So nice and unexpected.  So I bought 3 new Cottage Garden Threads yesterday in the blue tones as a starting point.

And about 10 days ago we had over 100mm rain in less than 24 hours - and when you don't have mains water, rain like that is a bonus.  Must take some photos of how everything is now so green (and not just one shade of green either) - looks a bit like a DMC palette of green.

3 weeks to Easter too - I'm looking forward to some family visiting & spending some time with them.

I hope your week has been filled with nice surprises or at the very least nothing has gone horribly wrong.

Thanks for reading - ~Karen~

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Feeling good.......

Why am I feeling good.......well, the quilts arrived safely (Australia Post has delivered) and the owners are thrilled.  This is particularly important for me, as the green one was the 4th complete quilt I've made and the other was an assembly.

Secondly, Katherine from http://katherinescreations.blogspot.com/   has listed me as one of her 7 blogs, so a big thank you :). Now to pass the mantle on, (and some of these Katherine has listed, but here are my favourite 7 and in no particular order) and most of these blogs I read without being a follower.

  1. http://katherinescreations.blogspot.com/ 
  2. http://californiastitching.blogspot.com/
  3. http://www.gumtree-designers.com/
  4. http://jillian-alwaysstitching.blogspot.com/
  5. http://countrycrafting.blogspot.com/
  6. http://sarah-redgingham.blogspot.com/
  7. http://margaretmyblog.blogspot.com/

 The 3 cross stitches above were done some years ago for my late mother in law.  I decided not to hang them in their frames (3 holes in the wall), but opted to put them into a quilted panel & hang from the curtain rail on my sewing room wall (no holes required in the wall).  (I've had a curtain rail put on the wall to hang small projects such as this, with a pocket at the back of them & then I can change them easily if I want to.  I borrowed this idea from someone else, so cannot take credit for it).

3 ply baby jacket-Sirdar leaflet 3178 (leaflet cost $1 in a 2nd hand shop)
Another little baby jacket  - this time I quite like this little pattern and would probably do it again (and no I didn't read it beforehand again either lol).  I did add some colour to the ends of the cuffs, bottom & neck as it was so very stark.  Another one for the stockpile.

And finally, I got back to the family tree cross stitch.  Not worth a photo yet, but next post I will include one.  I seem to have found the enthusiasm to pick it up again & continue.

To finish off, Vale Elizabeth Taylor.  A huge screen presence & campaigner, who I'm sure will be missed.

Have a great week where ever you are......:)

`Karen `

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It's Hump Day again........

Ah, it's Wednesday again.  Must be the short week we had here due to our Holiday on Monday for a horse race.  Anyway, the extra day has given me a chance to finish some more things off.........

Above is the  matching cushion for the green quilt.  All the quilts were posted yesterday, so fingers crossed Australia Post doesn't let me down.....

3 Ply wool baby jacket....

The baby jacket above is another one for the stockpile.  Must say it's a pattern I'm not overly fond of...it starts at the bottom & then all pieces get joined for the yoke.  I don't think I'll make it again, but it looks OK now it's done - it looked really wierd during the making process as I wondered how we were going to reduce all the stitches down.  (who ever reads patterns in advance, but this may teach me to in future lol).  Now to do some matching bootees with the left over blue wool.  I really do enjoy crochet with wool, especially for clothing, but acrylic is OK for rugs.

What about this grasshopper.  I couldn't get close enough with a ruler without the grasshopper flying away or me falling off something, so you'll just have to take my word for it, that it's about 8 to 10 cm long (nearly 4 inches in the old scale).  Beautiful markings though.....

Now for the coming week.....must get back to the cross stitch of the family tree - it won't stitch itself, then I think some hand sewing maybe on the hexagons - they're portable to be able to take with me.

Final note.....while I've been enjoying an extra day off, Japan has been suffering - I think it's going to take a long time for those left behind to get back on their feet.  Watching the news is becoming such a sad time of day.

Thoughts with those in the world cleaning up & finding loved ones......


Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Since completing the second block of the Gum Tree Designers 'Things we love' BOM (see previous post), I've been thinking about what it is I love, aside from family & friends.

First would be 'Rain' - so important when you rely on the rainfall for your drinking, washing water etc and it really is nice just to stand in it...

Second would have to be the 'Garden' - trying to establish trees & shrubs, fruit trees & the like when you really don't have a lot of experience or knowledge.  It's satisfying to see your tube stock grow or have the first apricot from our new tree.

Third would have to be the 'wildlife' - watching the local creatures going about (and eating my shrubs) when we've invaded their space.

Finally, it would have to be sewing, crocheting & crafting - being able to create something that brings a smile to someones face (or your own) when it's finished.

Now to think of some ideas for the remaining blank blocks for this little quilt, plus enjoy what's around me.

The 2 pictures show a quilt I completed  - I didn't sew the top, but put the quilt together & then quilted it - just finished the binding a couple of days ago.  I love the colours & have to post it back to its owner, who I'm hoping will be thrilled.

Have a great week


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Hump Day........some finishes

I always seem to do this on a Wednesday lately...not sure why, anyway that's why today's is called Hump Day.

I must admit I'm feeling kind of pleased with myself.  I got myself organised & have finished the blue quilt & binding is machine sewn on, green quilt too has it's binding on, finished quilting around the Lion (but I'm not sure what I want for the binding - keep changing my mind). 
Lion is now quilted

Latest cardigan
On top of that my cardigan is now finished too.  I haven't been able to find a shawl pin, so will have to make my own.  (Have some ideas already, so watch out for that one).

I've been reading the gumtree-designers blog & sent a 'New Beginnings' kit after the Queensland Floods.  I've never tried a stitchery in a quilt block, so thought I'd give this one a go.  I've just finished block 2, but haven't put the fabric around either block as yet.  I did buy 4 beautiful blue fat quarters with this project in mind plus some blue homespun for the back (I love blue).  The BOM is called 'Things we love' - check it out.
Block 1 - A Happy Home
Block 2 - Friends
4 fat quarters
In the next week 2 bindings to be sewn down & decide what to do about the Lion....then back to the Family Tree Cross Stitch & maybe some more baby crochet in between....have to see where the week takes me.....

Have a great week......

~ Karen ~

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

how much more.........

I was thinking how much more can this corner of the world cope with?  Fires, Floods, Cyclones and now Earthquake across the Tasman.  Thoughts for all as you get your lives back together.

We had about 66mm rain in 24 hours on Friday - a welcome gift when you live on rainwater tanks.  Farmers may not be happy, but we have no control over what the weather and nature dishes out to us.

Today is our 31st Wedding Anniversay - a milestone where divorce is commonplace.  I'm happy to be married to someone who tolerates fabric, wool & threads so well about the house (and it's just as well coz there's so much of it)

Enjoy your day


Monday, 21 February 2011


Bella Baby 'Sugar' 4 ply
 Here's the jacket I did after finishing the 7th pair of bootees.  I bought the wool (and it is wool) on sale at Spotlight, and have a small amount of the 3 50g balls left over.  Another item to put aside......I've now moved onto making a new winter cardi for me.  However, it isn't going to look a lot like the picture as I've already altered it.

I love these hexagons (boy have I gone a bit loopy), so I bought the blue bear fabric to add to these hexagons and try & make a cot quilt or something from the completed panels.  I've cut 24 blue shapes, so there will be 9 panels in all, so 3 x 3 with a bit of a border should make something useful.  The blank stack of carboard shapes is just half of the total, so at least that bit is done.  When my current lot of sewing is done, I'll probably start on sewing these things together & see what I can make.

We had so much rain last week, that the ground is still soft.  Not that I'm complaining, asit's watered my trees & shrubs in nicely & I can see grass slowly coming up (and probably the weeds too).  Such wierd weather we seem to be having.......

Enjoy your week....


Monday, 14 February 2011

Another week.......

It's amazing how tidying away anothers life has an impact on your own.  We're clearing late MIL's unit and I found some more fabric yesterday.  I've never really wanted to try hand patchwork, but I've found so many hexagons, that I will finish them off.  I've also resolved to be very tidy & keep like stuff together.

Final count in 3 ply - top row in wool, bottom row in nylon/acrylic
Not much sewing happened here, but some gardening instead.  I have to get back to the quilts - so they can go to their rightful owners.  And I've finished another pair of 3 ply bootees - in red & white.  There's enough red to do a jacket, so while I'm on a roll, I think I'll keep going.

Glorious sunset
 We've had a couple of these lately as the sun is setting - the photo never does justice, but I like the way the tree fits in.

I'm looking forward to a great week, hope you are too!