Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Another finish and a celebration........

I'm getting used to this keyboard slowly......have almost been tempted to put my old keyboard back.....

I've finished my own version of 'things I love' - 3 designs from the Gum Tree Designers, I used some colouring in designs (Eeyore & Miss Piggy & Kermit), some other published designs (albeit modified - the sewing machine and Shaun the sheep), but I did create some of my own - the Christmas tree, the garden Arch, the bottle & glass, and finally the frog I drew from one of my ornaments.  The hardest part was working out the block sizes, what lengths to cut the fabric and then working out where to put my 'bling'.  But I love it - it's all my favourite things, plus blue fabric........let me know what you think of it.....
block 1

block 2

block 3

block 4
tomorrow is my 32nd wedding anniversary - 32 years my wonderful other half has put up with beads, sequins, fabric, wool, embroidery floss, putting hooks in the walls and just allowed me the space to be me.....may we have many more.......

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods......




  1. Congrats on 32 years. I hope that you and hubby have a wonderful day tomorrow.

  2. Happy 32nd Anniversary to you both, Your quilt is beautiful ,I love how you put your garden arch in a block. Maybe this could be your Anniversary Quilt, you must put a label on the back.

  3. Happy anniversary to you.
    I love your wall hanging. The colours are lovely and the designs are so sweet. Eeyore and Sean the Sheep ar favourites in our house too.
    You have done a great job and you should be very proud of it.