Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Getting closer....

I've not done very much on the sampler.  I was a square out, which meant a whole nights work down the drain, but back on track now. (fingers crossed).

However, in the last couple of weeks, I've re-arranged my sewing space.  It's not a big room and there was a bed here, but it's gone into the shed.  The TV cabinet fits in a treat & is very handy.  The little fabric boxes fit perfectly at the bottom with space for bigger items above.  The little sewing machine (much used & loved) was mine as a child as is about 45 years old, but not in perfect condition.  The drawers were in a bedroom, but are more suited to my fabric stash (at last a better place to store it).  Finally, I've inherited some other fabrics & baby wool from my late MIL, as well as some wonderful buttons.  They will all  be treasured & then put to good use.

And the heading, well we're 10 sleeps away from Christmas.  We're off on the road this year, so if you like us are driving do take care on the roads.  Don't stress about what you can't control, just leave a bit earlier to get there.

Thanks for stopping by....


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