Monday, 11 April 2011

more crochet........

3 Ply white jacket with green variegated border.  From the 'Array of Layettes' book

3 ply variegated jacket with white edging - from 1980's Cleckheaton baby book

4 ply mittens - from a Sirdar leaflet
As you can see I've been doing some more crochet.  One pattern I tried was so hard, I undid it in favour of the white jacket at the top.  Besides, I'm thinking now simple does look better (and it's less irritating when the pattern doesn't work).  I much prefer jackets for babies on a yoke - no seams and because they don't really have shoulders, a yoke seems to sit nicer.  The mittens were a special request (first time I've tried this pattern) so these will go of in the post today.

Not a lot else is happening - just getting ready for Easter - a chance to have a few days off & a rest (11 sleeps - not that I'm counting though).

Have a good week!!

~ Karen~


  1. These are so adorable. I have a niece and one other baby niece or nephew, don't know which yet, and want to crochet layette sets for them. I bought a book, just need to get the yarn and get cracking. Thanks for the boost!

  2. A friend of mine must have the same patterns; she has just made the second jacket for a pregnant friend. It is such a cute pattern. Makes me wish I could crochet!!
    Enjoy the holiday.

  3. They are all beautiful.