Monday, 2 May 2011

Another finish.........

Before I go any further, I didn't watch 'the wedding'.  Not because I dislike royalty, romance or anything else, but I objected to having very little option by the television channels of what I could watch on a Friday night.  Having said that, I do wish them well & hope the press now leave them alone to get on with it.

So, instead of watching TV on Friday night, I made up my new crochet hook holder.  I bought a set in a vinyl case in the 1970's & have bought other odd hooks since & the case was looking very sad.  I do have another full set I inherited form my mother, but that case is in much better shape.   At Christmas I got a new fat quarter of Kermit (I love frogs & the Muppets), so here it is......
Crochet hook holder-outside
Crochet hook holder-inside
I made the openings for the smaller hooks a bit narrower and depending on how many hooks of each size I currently have made the openings for the larger hooks wider.  I have seen some similar rolls for pencils & the like & you can buy crochet hook holders (but I think they only hold one of each hook), but this is my version to suit my needs.  If your interested in the measurements etc, leave me a comment & I'll create some notes on how it was done.

Have a great week..........

~ Karen ~


  1. It's beautiful. I often think about doing the same for my hooks and knitting needles. Maybe I should just sit down and do it LOL

  2. I do love Kermit the Frog. I must admit though my crtoon favourite is Marvin the Martian!!
    I love the needle holdert; would be easier than the way mine are stored!!!

  3. Great use of the Friday night - I agree, it would have been nice if there were a bit more choice!!