Friday, 7 October 2011

back again.......

Just a quick post today and then I want to get to my favourite blogs in the next day or so.

49 of the 63 Sampler squares
The rug above is complete as far as the squares go....I'm only doing 49 of the squares as there were a few I couldn't get to work & some I wasn't all that keen on.  This project has been a great way to use up some of this wool from my stash, which has been around close to 25 years, as well as a good one for the car (obviously not when I'm driving lol).  So now, to do a row of cream around each square, join together & then do the edge.  This picture actually shows the rug from the side.  If you come across this book - it's well worth a look - I posted about it when I started the squares a couple of posts ago.

3 weeks to our local show, so I will post before with my entries (assuming I get one of them finished).

Hope all is well in your week....

~ Karen ~


  1. Looks great and I cant wait to see the finished project with the cream. I agree it is a great way to use up stash. I did quite a few from mums stash that appeared on my doorstep many years ago. I have now got 10 garbage bags down to one bag of baby wool and 5 jumper lots and another half bag with sock wool. Taken me a long time and that was also with donating about 3 bags worth to a local group to make into charity rugs. House is way too small for large stashs of anything LOL

  2. I think your rug looks really great. As well as a good way to use your stash, it is an excellent way to try new techniques without doing a huge project. The cream around the edge will set your blocks off beautifully.
    Good luck in the show.

  3. Hey - congrats on your win over at Jenny's blog!