Monday, 24 October 2011

an update and a win.....

Apologies - life just gets in the way of posting, but I'm over the moon at present.  I was having one of those weeks where nothing would go right and then Jenny of Elefantz ( had a giveaway after reaching 1500 followers.  I love her work and she has inspired me to draw some of my own favourite things ready for stitching, then I was picked as the Australian winner - I still can't quite believe it.  Anyway a big thank you and thank you to Katherine for alerting me to the win as well - I'm not on here that often on weekends.

Butterfly on 28 count from Awaard Winning Designs in Hardanger 2010
I've finally finished the Hardanger - was quite a nice design and now it's ready for our local show.  Done on 28 count jobelin in no8 & 12 blue & white thread.

Completed blanket from 63 Sampler Squares to Crochet
The blanket is also finally finished.  I should have tidied up each square before I joined them together - don't know what I was thinking (I obviously wasn't) and it's taken most of the weekend to end the threads off, but it's done.  It's also extremely heavy as it's all pure wool (now I know why I also do these rugs in acrylic lol). 

so what to do now....?  I'm one of these peiople who doesn't have 2 many projects on the go - I'm not a fan of UFO's or PHD's (Projects half done), although I can hear the stumpwork calling me again....(lovely design but I'm just not keen on working in silk thread that's thinner than human hair)...maybe I'll get it back out......

Anyway wherever you are - have a happy week and thanks for reading....

~ Karen ~


  1. The hardanger is beautiful,I would never be able to do that!! It is a wonderful feeling being inspired to start a new project. Can't wait to see what you choose .

  2. The blanket has turned out very well. But that Hardanger is just beautiful; well done; makes me want to do more, i love Hardanger.
    I have way too many projects on the go and this week have started three more; but as they are presents and have deadlines, these i know will be done. As for everything else.....

  3. The blanket looks wonderful and I love hardanger.