Tuesday, 13 December 2011

very close now......

12 sleeps left.......hope you're all organised.  Me - I'm still trying to write cards (bit late I know), & I just got the overseas cards posted yesterday (hope they make it).  Suddenly an organised person (me) is just wondering how I got so far behind?????

 Here is our front garden - looking very dry at present, but the magpies just love the arch & bird bath (as well as the Agapanthus).  The climber on the arch is a clematis - it's been growing like mad, but no flowers as yet.
And some frog items my sister sent me - the shower cap looks wonderful on ( and no, there are no pictures of me wearing it lol) - she just spoils me. 

On the craft front - 2 pairs of bootees finished and posted off for my new great nephew, then to start on a little cardigan. (all crocheted of course - I can't imagine trying to knit wool that thin lol)
finishing off some Christmas things (now you can see why I'm panicking - so pictures to follow).

6 more working days for me & then 4 1/2 weeks off (yipee - I'm so tired - I haven't had more than a couple of days off since last year (and I can't remember how many days off I had then).

Hope your planning is ...well going to plan.....take care wherever you are & drive safely. 



  1. Hello Karen,I'm sure all will be done and finished in time. There is a lot to get organised and working makes less time.I still have 2 mug rugs to get finished by Christmas and hope to get a good go at them tomorrow and I don't work!! Stay cool think of the 4 1/2 weeks to rest up. x

  2. Ooooh I love frogs too!!!!
    Enjoy your 4 weeks off; I am getting just one between christmas and new year but that suits me. I am hoping to convince the Other Half to go away on an interstate holiday later in the year so will wait until then.
    Have a lovely christmas. i have just one more thing to be finished and there is no hope so it will be given unfinished; I doubt my son will mind. (I can't write it on my blog but will tell you; it is a quilt with stars and planets that glow in the dark.)All is done but some hand quilting across the middle; so it is in an okay state to be given as is.
    Good luck with your finishes. Can't wait to see photos.