Monday, 28 November 2011

what's new.....

Well - there's 27 sleeps to Christmas (sorry if you're not organised yet).........bit more shopping to do & then wrapping.  Why are men so hard to buy for (and I don't like buying the usual undies & socks either)....anyway it will work itself out I guess.

I'm working on a bolero in cotton (and white cotton at that) ...but pics of that next time when it's finished (back is done already).
young magpie

I can't quite believe the cheek of this young's sitting on top of an Agapanthus flower (ball like flowers on long stalks).  These flowers look colourful in the front garden, when everything is gradually dying off - there's not much for the wildlife to eat now.

I'll try to do antoher post when I have some sewing to show.....thank you for your comments - they do make my day.  Thanks also for reading my ramblings....

til next time


  1. How on earth is the flower holding up the magpie baby???? he is a cheeky little thing isn't he (or she as the case may be!).
    I agree with you by the way; men are soooo hard to buy for. Buy me perfume, jewelry, candles etc, the list goes on but for men? Hubby has every power tool imaginable; that took me a few years to amass but now what??? And dont ask me about my teenage son who is rude enough to have a birthday only three weeks before christmas; that is a double trouble!

  2. The cotton bolero will be handy in this weather, cool at times.I just pulled out a pattern of a toddler cotton crop top I thought I may knit.
    The good standby for a man's present is a gift voucher from Bunnings.The men love looking in there.It is easy and i'm all for easy at the moment