Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Finished........and WIP....

I've finally finished a couple of things that have been clogging up my lounge.

Humbug front

Humbug Bottom
Humbug back

This little Humbug design was a freebie from  http://www.victoriasampler.com/ from their freebie pattern collection.  I did make a mistake in the chart when doing the Algerian Eyelets, but as they are at the back, it's not that obvious (unless you look at the chart).

It was an enjoyable stitch, and next time I'll follow the chart lol. 

This rug was another freebie design, but was started so long ago, I have no idea where I found the pattern.  However, I did make it bigger and use some oddments of acrylic yarn I had.  We were away from home, so I wanted something that I could do without the need to concentrate.  I think it looks quite good across the back of the lounge.

Now to the Lion....

The lion is progressing quite well.  My aim is to finish it completely well before Christmas (only 32 sleeps - can you believe it) and I'm confident I'll make it.   I want to start a family tree cross stitch before then, so I must get this finished.  Some people think it looks way too neat, but once it's finished I'll add some scars & stray hairs etc, so watch this space.........

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