Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year.....

First Temari

Hope your Christmas & New Year was lots of fun.  One of my presents was the Temari book above, so when I got home I followed the directions & made my first Temari.  Some of my lines are a bit off, but I understand how they work now.  I've been wanting to try one for ages, so the book helped, even making my own Mari. The thread wrapping needs work, but next one will hopefully be better.

WIP - Family tree

Above is the latest progress on my family tree cross stitch.  Haven't done much in the last week or so, but want to get some progress made.  The big green lump is the bottom right corner of the 'tree'.  (See a previous post for the original picture). 
I've spent some time on a cardigan for a friend & am now getting stuck into a quilt for a cousin.  This quilt has 666 pieces, mainly small squares, rectangles & triangles.  I'm now ready to start constructing the blocks, but hope to have a WIP picture by the end of the week.

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