Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What a start to the new year.......

Flood help package
The floods have certainly devastated large areas of the country, in several states.  I just cannot imagine losing everything, without warning. 

Gum Tree Designers are asking for help for the Queensland flood victims. 
If you can help, they are looking for:
sewing caddy
needlecase & pincushion
6 skeins stranded cotton
fat quarter
scissors & fob
and a drawstring bag to put it all in (if possible)

I just have the pincushion left to make.  Items need to be posted by early February, but check the blog & email them if you can help.

What a way to start 2011....being flooded...

Family Tree progress
an update on the family tree.....slow progress, but I've discovered a mistake in the border, which I will have to go back & correct. 
At present I'm working on finishing the last item for the flood help, then will get back to the family tree & finish a crochet cardigan off, then there's the quilt to pin up.....so why I am still sitting here you ask.....beats me.....

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