Thursday, 16 June 2011

latest finishes.......

2 posts in the one week.....amazing or what.....but I'm showing my finished cardigan & 4th scarf.
'Celeste' 8ply Bendigo wool

4th scarf
The cardigan is from Interweave Crochet Spring 2011 edition and the design is by Edie Eckmann.  The wool is Celeste from Bendigo Woollen Mills in Almond.  Again, I made the cardigan longer & the sleeves slightly longer too.  The scarf is what was left from the 3rd 200g ball - I still have 1 untouched 200g ball to go, but thankfully won't need it.  I hate running out of wool then the next order is probably going to be a different dye lot, so might be noticeable.

No further progress on the hexagons, but time permitting this weekend, some pictures should be up here next week (fingers crossed).

Only a few days left to the shortest winter day - I find the early nights & dark mornings become overwhelming after a while, so will be looking forward to getting some daylight back.

Do leave me a comment - it's nice to read your thoughts.  Hope you have a great few days.......



  1. Your crocheting is so pretty. I haven't been doing much of that lately, but I do have lots of granny squares to sew together!

  2. I really like scarf 4 - almost looks like bobbin-lace!! Just gorgeous!