Tuesday, 14 June 2011

must post more often........

When I started this blog, I intended to post about once a week at the minimum.  You know the best laid plans....anyway, I have a new resolve to get on here & do this more often.

I survived the dentist (not sure about my wallet though) and 2 more visits to go.....

We just had our long weekend for the Queen's Birthday (and Volunteers day), so the extra day was welcome.  I was reading over at Katherine's blog (Katherine's creations - see the link on the side) and her efforts put me to shame.  I did however get the following done over the weekend:
  • dug another 2 fruit tree holes & prepared them with blood & bone & some fertiliser (our soil is very sandy).  Waiting now for my pear trees - a Beurre Bosc & a Williams.  I'd already done 4 other holes about 3 or 4 weeks ago for 2 apples, another plum and a peacharine - will add some pics of our 'orchard' when all 6 new trees are here
  • changed 23 doilies, meaning dusting, then washed all 23, pressed them & put them away.  Some of these I'd inherited and I figure why leave them in a cupboard, why not use them & enjoy them.  There are some finely crocheted doilies probably done by my great grandma, some embroidered items by my late mother - I love to see them out
  • sorted out the sewing room drawers of fabric & other items (quilting pins etc).  When I finished that I got some further fabric out to do some hexagons - will add a pic soon on that one I promise
  • pruned my hydrangea, planted a broken piece of a Monstera (hope it grows) and planted some annuals in a box planter for some colour
  • cleaned out the inside of the car ready for a bit of a trip away - cleaning this new car doesn't involve a vacuum cleaner as the floor isn't carpet (it's a ute), so what used to take about an hour with the old car, now takes about 15 minutes - bliss.

My wool arrived too - I get really irritated when the wool I wasn't in a rush for arrives, but the wool I really wanted was late - anyway it arrived a few days later & my cardigan is almost finished (started it last Thursday).  The wool is Bendigo's newest - an 85% wool, 10% alpaca and 5% silk called Celeste - crochets up a treat, so on the next post a pic of the cardigan.

I've also done 7 doilies in 4 ply cotton for my oldest daughter (somehow some of the others I'd done have disappeared ??) from 4 50g balls from the book 'doilies to crochet in 4 ply' from Crochet Australia.

Enjoy your week.....


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  1. You have managed to do much more than I got done over the long weekend! You were very busy. I spent a couple of hours knitting and then managed to do not much else!