Tuesday, 19 July 2011

and what about the trees.........

What trees you may ask - well I've been planting fruit trees - pears x 3, apples x 2 to add to my expanding 'orchard'.  I really was going to add some photos of the fruit trees, but guess next time - sorry :(

Instead, I've been working on a hardanger entry for our local show.....It's a bit hard to see the blue flowers on the needleweaving - and they took me a bit to work out.  No instructions, so with the aid of a magnifying glass I worked it out.  I'm pretty happy so far - just have to get all the cutting done without cutting a major thread.....so good so far...:)... at least everything meets up.  This is done on a 28 count Jobelin fabric...very nice to work on & seems crushproof too, so would use this fabric again for this or even cross-stitching.

Speaking of cross stitching, the family tree chart is slowly coming along, and I will get back to it....
Latest effort in Hardanger from the Award Winning Designs 2010 by Nordic Needle
 This doily has been done in a no 10 DMC ecru cotton.  I thought it would make another local show entry.  I might even do another couple for the daughters for Christmas......Quite a good pattern to follow although it is written in the US crochet language.

Doily in no 10 cotton from the book 'Old Fashioned Doilies" by Annies Attic
44 sleeps to spring - I can't wait - more light in the evening & morning, hopefully some warmer days.

Enough of the ramblings - have a wonderful week...



  1. Jealous! I want a bigger yard for that orchard LOL. Love the start of your hardanger and that doily is just beautiful

  2. We have fruit trees too; there is nothing better than home made jam from home grown fruit; Mmmmmm!
    When is your show? Mine is in October so I am slowly getting started on things for that.

    the Hardanger and the crochet both look fabulous. I still haven't sat to work out crochet; one day perhaps...