Friday, 8 July 2011

Another finish.......

Tri-Face Floral
I stitched the tri-face floral above last weekend....the design is from and makes this cute scissor fob.  This is attached to a pair of brown handled scissors - it was either make a fob or stab myself looking for the scissors on a brown rug covering the couch......I've done this in the suggested colourway too.  It's a bit like a biscornu to put together and about as

Slowly making some progress on the family tree sampler and I've started a piece of hardanger....I just can't get back to the stumpwork piece (Butterfly Garland by Jan Kerton) - I think it's the butterflies on the silk gauze sewn with one strand of silk thread (I think I've got hairs thicker than this thread) - but maybe the warmer weather will inspire me to get back to it....

As of today, it's 56 sleeps to spring.....the cold and lack of light is getting to me.....but it's good weather to plant fruit trees.

enjoy your week.....


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