Monday, 14 November 2011

show results.....

Hello again....time definately flies...41 sleeps to Christmas (just in case someone else hadn't mentioned it) and the weather is certainly warming up (in the southern hemisphere anyway).

So, the past couple of weeks have been quite busy.  We travelled to Adelaide for the craft & quilt fair...some lovely quilts but no photos (sign said photography was not allowed), and have increased my stash, but everything will be put to good use (eventually lol)

Hardanger doily on 28 count from the book Award Winning Designs in Hardanger 2010
Both our local shows have been held & my hardanger doily won a 1st along with a few other things in the first show, so put another piece of hardanger in for the second show and that won a second.  

I did read that handmade is 'back in fashion' - I wonder why it ever went away.  It would be nice if the number of entries increased but I wonder how we get people interested in sewing, embroidery, crochet & the like?  Some groups run during the day (which is OK if you don't work), but how do you get younger ones interested when they maybe studying or have young children???  Then probably the cost of materials may also be out of their budget.....maybe at the shows we need a place for demonstrations of crafts...or leave some flyers with some names to contact if they want to learn.  I just think in maybe 30 years time some of these crafts may all but die out in some communities.....Sad really

Not much else for now........thanks for reading...



  1. Congrats on the Show wins!!! How exciting!
    We have found with our local show that knitting and crochet entries were up this year, while needlework entries were waaaay down. I ask my friends who craft why they dont enter and they all say that their work isn't good enough. It really is but people tend to shy away from entering. I think we should have a better belief in ourselves and our abilities.
    I truly believe that these crafts are still happening in the privacy of people's homes and I have great faith in my fellow crafters that they wont dies out; well that is my belief anyway. there is a lot of craft going on out there that we dont know about.
    Okay, off my soapbox - but this is a subject I do feel deeply about; I have stewarded in our local show for sevn years now and I think it is something worth saving (which means entries!!)

    Anyway, enjoy your wins; a big congratulations from me

  2. Hello Karen, Congratulations on winning 1st and 2nd at the craft show with your hardanger pieces that is wonderful.I think you are so clever! I have two friends who do hardanger and I am always amazed at their pieces they do .