Tuesday, 8 February 2011

3 Ply.....

I've had a painful few days - tooth needing a root canal, but nothing compared to the floods, fires, blizzards etc around the world - just feeling sorry for me.
8ply cotton jacket (cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills)
 Finally finished this jacket.  It's not for me, but a friend (hope she enjoys wearing it).  Was fun to crochet, but I always like to see things go to their new home.
Baby bootees in 3ply
I ended up with the baby yarn from my late mother in law.  This lot is in 3 ply, as there's mainly just odd balls, probably enough for 1 to 2 pairs of bootees, then I'll need to do colour matching.  I did try to get some more 3 ply in Spotlight, but noticed they had almost none, (lots of 4 ply), so I grabbed some.
Why am I making bootees?  Am starting a bit of a stash for daughters & their friends - thought it would save some time when I get asked again & then I have assorted colours depending on gender etc.  The top row is in wool and the bototm row is in Nylon - I much prefer the wool - so soft & really nice to work with - & should wash well too.

The big quilt I'm working on keeps running low on sewing cotton & I have to wait for more to come in - so pictures will be a week or so (at least) away.

That's it for now - thoughts to those in any part of the world affected by crazy weather.

Bye for Now
` Karen `

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