Monday, 21 February 2011


Bella Baby 'Sugar' 4 ply
 Here's the jacket I did after finishing the 7th pair of bootees.  I bought the wool (and it is wool) on sale at Spotlight, and have a small amount of the 3 50g balls left over.  Another item to put aside......I've now moved onto making a new winter cardi for me.  However, it isn't going to look a lot like the picture as I've already altered it.

I love these hexagons (boy have I gone a bit loopy), so I bought the blue bear fabric to add to these hexagons and try & make a cot quilt or something from the completed panels.  I've cut 24 blue shapes, so there will be 9 panels in all, so 3 x 3 with a bit of a border should make something useful.  The blank stack of carboard shapes is just half of the total, so at least that bit is done.  When my current lot of sewing is done, I'll probably start on sewing these things together & see what I can make.

We had so much rain last week, that the ground is still soft.  Not that I'm complaining, asit's watered my trees & shrubs in nicely & I can see grass slowly coming up (and probably the weeds too).  Such wierd weather we seem to be having.......

Enjoy your week....


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  1. Gorgeous jacket. I too have a hexegon quilt to finish as my mum started it years ago. All hand stitched too.