Wednesday, 23 February 2011

how much more.........

I was thinking how much more can this corner of the world cope with?  Fires, Floods, Cyclones and now Earthquake across the Tasman.  Thoughts for all as you get your lives back together.

We had about 66mm rain in 24 hours on Friday - a welcome gift when you live on rainwater tanks.  Farmers may not be happy, but we have no control over what the weather and nature dishes out to us.

Today is our 31st Wedding Anniversay - a milestone where divorce is commonplace.  I'm happy to be married to someone who tolerates fabric, wool & threads so well about the house (and it's just as well coz there's so much of it)

Enjoy your day


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  1. Happy anniversary! I agree that divorce is so commonplace and many just dont get it that you need to work at a relationship to keep that spark alive. Mind you we dont seem to have to work hard at it at all LOL. We're like an old pair of slippers that fit like a dream but getting wrinkles LOL. Perhaps thats not the right saying but we are very comfortable together and aging like a good wine. Hope you and hubby had a wonderful day.