Thursday, 24 March 2011

Feeling good.......

Why am I feeling good.......well, the quilts arrived safely (Australia Post has delivered) and the owners are thrilled.  This is particularly important for me, as the green one was the 4th complete quilt I've made and the other was an assembly.

Secondly, Katherine from   has listed me as one of her 7 blogs, so a big thank you :). Now to pass the mantle on, (and some of these Katherine has listed, but here are my favourite 7 and in no particular order) and most of these blogs I read without being a follower.


 The 3 cross stitches above were done some years ago for my late mother in law.  I decided not to hang them in their frames (3 holes in the wall), but opted to put them into a quilted panel & hang from the curtain rail on my sewing room wall (no holes required in the wall).  (I've had a curtain rail put on the wall to hang small projects such as this, with a pocket at the back of them & then I can change them easily if I want to.  I borrowed this idea from someone else, so cannot take credit for it).

3 ply baby jacket-Sirdar leaflet 3178 (leaflet cost $1 in a 2nd hand shop)
Another little baby jacket  - this time I quite like this little pattern and would probably do it again (and no I didn't read it beforehand again either lol).  I did add some colour to the ends of the cuffs, bottom & neck as it was so very stark.  Another one for the stockpile.

And finally, I got back to the family tree cross stitch.  Not worth a photo yet, but next post I will include one.  I seem to have found the enthusiasm to pick it up again & continue.

To finish off, Vale Elizabeth Taylor.  A huge screen presence & campaigner, who I'm sure will be missed.

Have a great week where ever you are......:)

`Karen `

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  1. I really like how you have presented those cross stitcheries. Its a great idea