Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Hump Day........some finishes

I always seem to do this on a Wednesday lately...not sure why, anyway that's why today's is called Hump Day.

I must admit I'm feeling kind of pleased with myself.  I got myself organised & have finished the blue quilt & binding is machine sewn on, green quilt too has it's binding on, finished quilting around the Lion (but I'm not sure what I want for the binding - keep changing my mind). 
Lion is now quilted

Latest cardigan
On top of that my cardigan is now finished too.  I haven't been able to find a shawl pin, so will have to make my own.  (Have some ideas already, so watch out for that one).

I've been reading the gumtree-designers blog & sent a 'New Beginnings' kit after the Queensland Floods.  I've never tried a stitchery in a quilt block, so thought I'd give this one a go.  I've just finished block 2, but haven't put the fabric around either block as yet.  I did buy 4 beautiful blue fat quarters with this project in mind plus some blue homespun for the back (I love blue).  The BOM is called 'Things we love' - check it out.
Block 1 - A Happy Home
Block 2 - Friends
4 fat quarters
In the next week 2 bindings to be sewn down & decide what to do about the Lion....then back to the Family Tree Cross Stitch & maybe some more baby crochet in between....have to see where the week takes me.....

Have a great week......

~ Karen ~


  1. I love the gumtree designers!! I want to do the Things we love blocks but haven't had time to even think about starting them.
    I love blue too (and purple). Lucky; with two boys, there is not much pink in my house LOL!

  2. You have been very productive. I think the weather is better too! I love the cardi and those blocks. The lions head is so striking. Is it hand or machine embroidered.

  3. The gum trees blog is amazing and I might even give give their BOM a go too.