Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Since completing the second block of the Gum Tree Designers 'Things we love' BOM (see previous post), I've been thinking about what it is I love, aside from family & friends.

First would be 'Rain' - so important when you rely on the rainfall for your drinking, washing water etc and it really is nice just to stand in it...

Second would have to be the 'Garden' - trying to establish trees & shrubs, fruit trees & the like when you really don't have a lot of experience or knowledge.  It's satisfying to see your tube stock grow or have the first apricot from our new tree.

Third would have to be the 'wildlife' - watching the local creatures going about (and eating my shrubs) when we've invaded their space.

Finally, it would have to be sewing, crocheting & crafting - being able to create something that brings a smile to someones face (or your own) when it's finished.

Now to think of some ideas for the remaining blank blocks for this little quilt, plus enjoy what's around me.

The 2 pictures show a quilt I completed  - I didn't sew the top, but put the quilt together & then quilted it - just finished the binding a couple of days ago.  I love the colours & have to post it back to its owner, who I'm hoping will be thrilled.

Have a great week



  1. Things I Love; after family and then stitching/crafting; chocolate would be a definate third!LOL!! A nice garden that I didn't have to do, and the smell of a baby's head comes next.
    I am sure the owner of the quilt will be thrilled, it looks lovely.

  2. The quilt looks wonderful. I love the list too. To be able to create either useful or just pretty things is high on my list too.